Fullstack Developer

As a Fullstack developer, you will be responsible for the performance, stability, security and speed of the web application, all the behind-the-scenes functionality that makes everything the user sees and does possible. His day to day consists on optimizing servers to ensure speed and stability, implementing security structures, generating reusable code and libraries, as well as generating persistence solutions. On the frontend, you Will be responsible for implementing user-side viewable elements within the web application. Required to combine the art of design with the experience of programming. Translate UI / UX design structures to usable and standardized code. Sometimes, you are expected to work independently to meet tight deadlines by following design guidelines.

 Skills and knowledge:

                                                               i.      Ability to meet tight deadlines

                                                             ii.      Attention to detail and business logic.

                                                           iii.      Familiarity with front-end platforms such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS

                                                           iv.      Understanding of accessibility, server compliance, and design patterns

                                                             v.      Familiar with development tools and frameworks

                                                           vi.      RESTFUL, GIT CI / CD, SOAP, API, Webservices, Ajax, XML, JSON.

                                                          vii.      ASP.NET, C #, JSON, Web API, LINQ, .NET Core. Visual Studio, Angular, Node

                                                        viii.      Standard MVC (desired MVVM) and WCF Oriented Service Based.

c.        Requirements:

                                                               i.      Bachelor’s degree in computer science, or the like.

                                                             ii.      3 years experience in similar position

                                                           iii.      Advanced English

                               iv.      Knowledge of Agile Methodologies (SCRUM)

To apply for the vacancy, send us your CV