Product Manager

Product Managers


Manage the balanced product backlog across business, user, and technology needs. Create the annual mobile core roadmap, updating it by quarters and managing it through sprints. Coordinate expectations between different stakeholders and product teams. Align priorities between the different mobile product squadrons and the mobile core. Work in conjunction with the eng. Mobile core manager to manage the train relay ensuring the highest value per relay. Define the computer’s OKRs in conjunction with the computer.


Main responsibilities

· Generate the vision of the product and develop the roadmap.

· Prioritize product backlog based on business, user, and technology needs in a backlog visible to all, making sure the vision you want to achieve is met.

· Point of contact for business needs.

· Define important product metrics and how team success is displayed.

· Generate and update the business case to obtain investment and financing for your squad.

· Develop user cases for sprint management and assign tasks to the squadron.

· Collaborate in the unblocking of the technical impediments that the squad may have.

· Ensure the design and implementation phase of the product, monitoring the life cycle and managing to evolve the product.

· Customer journeys

· Jira/Confluence/Analytics/Planner/Trello

· Modular mobile application architecture

· Agile product development methodologies

· Lego Methodology

· Design of scalable products in brands or countries

· Reporting tools (tableau, Excel, power pivot)

· Knowledge of IT platforms

· Bases

· Process flows

· Mobile apps

· services

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