Technical Lead


In ByKon we look for the best people for the best business consulting projects for our Digital, Strategy, Consulting and Infra & tech areas.


We know that the human factor is the most important in business, so we constantly take care of maintaining a harmonious environment, development and growth for those who are part of this team.


Technical leader

In the technology engineering role, your responsibility includes technical direction, implementation options, coding styles, setting best practices, and technical standards. 

As an engineering leader, you will spend 50% of your time as an individual contributor on breakthrough technology projects to be executed in the ByKon Labs division (architecture technologies, framing and maturation technologies, agile methodologies, coding together with the team of development) and 50% of their time in leadership and people management activities with mobile / web developer communities of practice that are customer-facing development teams. 

You are responsible for translating UI / UX design wireframes along with UX Lead to define guidelines and toolsets, as well as usable and standardized code. 

From time to time, you are expected to work independently to meet tight deadlines by following design guidelines.


Job objectives (the reason for the position)


Guides the technical vision and execution of the project, initiative or technology software.

Create and maintain user experience and application interactivity.

Engineering and practical technical management to bring technological solutions to life.


Main responsibilities (Specify what you do, how and for what) Note: Sorted according to importance and% of responsibility or execution).


Build the ByKon Labs technology stack used to innovate while delivering tangible value.

Being an enemy “It is not possible”, in order to find the best ways to technically solve existing problems.

API architecture, design and development.

Participate and be experts in the field of innovative technology products.


Defining methods and tools to configure recyclable code libraries to calculate, process data, move users through business logic, and retrieve and store data to and from users.

Adopt or write reusable code and libraries aligned with ByKon Labs Framework.

Improve application architecture to optimize speed and maximum scalability.

Link between graphic design and technical implementation.

Implement real-time testing and diagnostics during development for usability and bug fixes.

Engineering effectiveness: cost of equipment versus project execution.



Bachelor’s degree in computer science, informatics, or related background.

Minimum 1 year

Experience and passion for technology and creating scalable cloud native solutions

Lead developer experience

Systems architecture and design experience

Agile methodologies

Software development

Systems implementation

Application management

Programming languages (Java)


To apply for the vacancy, send us your CV